Ep 72: The Freakonomics of Jesus?

Ep 72: The Freakonomics of Jesus?

In this episode, I read through an article published last fall entitled The Freakonomics of Jesus by John Bombaro. In it, he explores how Jesus understood our relationship as His followers to wealth and money, and how we need to think about economics as Christians in general. While it is a great article and I agree with much of what he says, I critique the use of the term ‘capitalism’, explain how many of the economic problems he correctly identifies in his article are caused by state intervention into the economy, and demonstrate how the free market can solve these problems. I also discuss why so many Christian scholars get economics wrong and how passages like Matthew 6 and 1 Timothy 6 provide us with a model of voluntary charity for those who can afford to help others.


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The Freakonomics of Jesus:

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