Ep 71: Running for President as a Libertarian with Chase Oliver

Ep 71: Running for President as a Libertarian with Chase Oliver

In this episode I talk with Chase Oliver, who is running to become the libertarian presidential candidate nominee. Chase ran for senate as a libertarian in Georgia in 2022 and forced a contentious run-off election. During his senate race, he received over 80,000 votes and roundly defeated the incumbent democrat in a televised debate. In our conversation, Chase talks about some of the biggest issues he would face if elected president, including Ukraine, pandemic response, increasingly centralized political authority, and drug reform. We then look at his philosophy of libertarianism, what is wrong with our current two-party system, and how libertarians can beat the electoral odds that are rigged in favor of the duopoly.


Additional Resources

Support Chase Oliver: https://votechaseoliver.com/

Follow Chase on Twitter: @ChaseForLiberty


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