Ep. 65 | ‘The Statement on Christian Nationalism and the Gospel’ with Cody Cook

Ep. 65 | ‘The Statement on Christian Nationalism and the Gospel’ with Cody Cook

In this episode, Cody Cook and I discuss The Statement on Christian Nationalism and the Gospel, a document being drafted and revised by a group of evangelical leaders who want to produce a clear definition of ‘Christian nationalism’. This take is in many ways more nuanced that Stephen Wolfe’s The Case for Christian Nationalism, and Cody and I examine several claims made in the statement and show how they are at odds with both a libertarian and a Christian understanding of politics. This episode marks the conclusion of a trilogy of episodes that I have released on Christian nationalism. Listen to this one and then check out those other episodes!

*Please note that the statement is being continually revised; we are addressing claims made in the second version, which was published on May 23, 2023. Those claims may change in future revisions.


Additional Resources

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