A Reformed Critique of Christian Nationalism

Ep. 62: A Reformed Critique of Christian Nationalism with Stephen Angliss

Ep. 62: A Reformed Critique of Christian Nationalism with Stephen Angliss

In this episode, I talk to Stephen Angliss, senior pastor of Graham Emmanuel Baptist Church in Graham, Washington, about Christian nationalism. Stephen is a reformed Baptist who has read and is critical of Stephen Wolfe’s book The Case for Christian Nationalism, which I reviewed and critiqued in episode 60. Wolfe claims to be reformed, and Stephen offers a theological rebuttal to Wolfe from within reformed theology. We explore the significance of God’s covenant with Noah, the relationship between the church and Israel, dispensationalism, the scriptural basis of natural law, and much more! Stephen helpfully defines and defends the reformed tradition and demonstrates why Wolfe’s argument doesn’t work.


Additional Resources

Stephen’s Twitter Account: @Stephen_Angliss

Graham Emmanuel Baptist Church: https://www.grahamemmanuel.org/

Check out the church page to hear Stephen’s sermons and learn about his ministry!

Ep 60: The Case Against Christian Nationalism: https://libertarianchristians.com/episode/ep-60-the-case-against-christian-nationalism/

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