The Case Against Christian Nationalism

Ep 60: The Case Against Christian Nationalism

Ep 60: The Case Against Christian Nationalism

In this episode, I respond to Stephen Wolfe’s popular book The Case for Christian Nationalism, which has become the most significant written work on modern Christian nationalism. Based on a drafted review I wrote for the Libertarian Christian Institute, I look at six important concepts that Wolfe outlines in his book and respond to each of them.

I critique Wolfe’s presentation of Christian nationalism with Biblical interpretation, theology, and political philosophy. If you need a concise primer on Christian nationalism and the Christian libertarian response, this is the show for you! Here are the six concepts we cover in the show:

I. Defining ‘Christian Nationalism’

II. Nationalism and Government are a Part of God’s Good Creation

III. A Christian Nation Needs Christian Laws

IV. The Christian Prince

V. The Justification of Violent Revolution

VI. American History


Additional Resources

Stephen Wolfe, The Case for Christian Nationalism

Philip Gorski and Samuel Perry, The Flag and the Cross

F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom 

James Lindsay on Christian Nationalism:

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