Libertarian Politics and Christianity

Ep 56: How Libertarian Politics and Christianity Can Solve Our Problems with Mike Mains

Ep 56: How Libertarian Politics and Christianity Can Solve Our Problems with Mike Mains

In this episode I talk to Mike Mains. Mike is a libertarian city council member from the great city of Harrison, Ohio, and has been fighting to make his city freer and more prosperous for several years. Mike has some incredible ideas about bringing liberty to local communities as well as excellent insights into how libertarian politics would make the world much freer.

We talk about the fractured state of libertarian politics and why we need a more ecumenical and supportive coalition of libertarians from various backgrounds if we want to see the liberty movement succeed. Mike also talks about his Christian faith and about the real differences that faith has made in his life. We discuss why the world needs to see a united church and the relationship between Christianity and libertarianism. Enjoy!


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