Ep 375: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbors, with Caleb Campbell

Ep 375: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbors, with Caleb Campbell

Doug Stuart sits down with Caleb E. Campbell, pastor and author of the provocative book, Disarming Leviathan: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbor. Together, they delve into the heart of political tension within Christian congregations and explore the complex landscape of American Christian nationalism.

Caleb shares his personal journey of witnessing unexpected political shifts in his community and religious events colored by political overtones, leading him to write his book. Through their conversation, they address the challenge of loving those with differing political and religious beliefs, recognizing Christian nationalism as a form of spiritual idolatry and toxic tribalism that offers a sense of safety, belonging, and purpose.

The episode explores the nuances of identifying Christian nationalists, the anxiety driving their beliefs, and the problematic merging of American civil religion with Christianity—a process known as syncretism. Caleb stresses the fundamental flaw of labeling any state as “Christian,” revealing the categorical error and missiological consequences of such a designation.

Listeners will learn about Caleb’s practical strategies for engaging in constructive dialogues, as he shares a field guide from his book designed to facilitate heart-to-heart conversations on contentious topics, such as the notion of America being a Christian nation and the impact of immigration. He emphasizes the importance of not merely winning arguments but fostering deeper understanding and connection.

Through thought-provoking examples, including heartfelt interactions with family members holding differing views, Caleb advocates for hospitality and curiosity as tools to bridge divides. The episode underscores the significance of bearing one another’s burdens and seeking restoration despite differing opinions.

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