Ep 371: Theology by the Pint, with Sarah Stone and Evan McClanahan

Summary – Theology by the Pint, with Sarah Stone and Evan McClanahan

Special guests Sarah Stone and Evan McClanahan join us to disucss their innovative initiative, Theology by the Pint. This exciting forum has transformed the traditional setting of theological discussions by incorporating a casual atmosphere where young professionals can gather, pint in hand, to delve into deep and sometimes controversial topics.

Sarah and Evan share their experiences of hosting these events, emphasizing the importance of creating a warm and charitable environment even when discussing contentious issues such as LGBTQ matters within the church. Their approach to include diverse viewpoints, like an affirming pastor, showcases their commitment to love and charity in disagreements, and underscores the value of humor and respect in such dialogues. The episode also touches on making theological discussions accessible to a broad audience, from those well-versed in theology to individuals who might feel overwhelmed by complex jargon. Sarah shares her strategy of pausing to clarify terms and encouraging explanatory parenthetical statements to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The conversation further explores the organization’s democratic process in choosing discussion topics, the types of government systems they tackle, the impact of political rhetoric on Christian beliefs, and the ever-present challenge of maintaining integrity while hosting diverse and sometimes conflicting views.

Listeners will also get a preview of upcoming events, including a notable June 11, 2024, gathering with Norman Horn, founder of the Libertarian Christian Institute. Additionally, the episode highlights the community aspects of Theology by the Pint events, which feature social hours, charity spotlights, trivia, and open Q&A sessions allowing for real-time audience engagement.

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