Ep 369: Problem Passages for Libertarian Christians: Romans 13

Summary – Problem Passages for Libertarian Christians: Romans 13

Cody Cook is back for a deep dive into the complexities of interpreting Romans 13. Cody challenges traditional readings of these passages, suggesting that the Apostle Paul may have employed irony or even sarcasm when discussing the role of magistrates and the obedience due to them. Are rulers always to be obeyed, and do they consistently execute good? Cody argues otherwise, referencing external literature and historical context to support his claim.

Throughout the conversation, both Doug and Cody shed light on the responsibility of Christians to live a non-violent life, fueled by love that overshadows or catalyzes the judgment against oppressive rulers. They explore the nuanced Greek language and bring to the forefront the scholarly perspectives of T.L. Carter, along with thoughts from NT Wright and Michael Bird, suggesting a more ironic take on Paul’s words.

Listeners will be invited to reconsider what it means to honor the magistrate and reflect on the broader implications of a duty-bound Christian conscience in the face of authority. This is a critical examination of libertarian and potentially anarchist views on governance, questioning if the state is indeed the sole model for societal order.

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