Ep 363: How to Talk about Politics without Killing Each Other, with Corey Nathan

Summary – How to Talk about Politics without Killing Each Other, with Corey Nathan

Special guest Corey Nathan joins us to talk about the art of navigating contentious political conversations with grace and understanding.

Corey Nathan shares personal stories and insights, including his own experiences with public figures and the importance of relational interactions over transactional debates in persuasion. He also discusses the challenges of discussing the Israel-Palestine conflict and emphasizes the importance of acknowledging complexity and having empathetic conversations.

Throughout the episode, the conversation centers on engaging in civil dialogue, understanding the urgency people feel about political matters, and disarming contentiousness during conversations. The episode also covers Corey Nathan’s personal journey of growing up in a Jewish family, becoming a Christian, and starting a podcast about discussing politics and religion without hostility.

Join us as we explore the wisdom and strategies for having respectful and empathetic conversations about politics and religion in this engaging and enlightening episode.

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