Ep 358: Why it’s Okay to Mind Your Own Business, with Brandon Warmke

Summary – Why it’s Okay to Mind Your Own Business, with Brandon Warmke

Brandon Warmke joins us again to talk about his new book (with Justin Tosi), “Why It’s Okay to Mind Your Own Business.” Together, they delve into thought-provoking topics ranging from the societal pressure to make a big impact and change the world, to the importance of creating a good home and finding meaning in smaller, everyday activities. Brandon discusses the prevalence and attraction of Commencement Speech Morality and contrasts it with Ordinary Morality. The conversation also touches on the rise of online activism, the psychological need for recognition, the concept of “rootedness,” and the defense of traditional roles and institutions. With engaging insights, book recommendations, this episode promises to challenge and inspire listeners to consider the value of minding their own business in today’s culture dominated by moral talk and public activism.

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