Ep 348: The Surprising Rebirth of Belief in God, with Justin Brierley

Summary – The Rebirth of Belief in God, with Justin Brierley

Doug Stuart is joined by the renowned Justin Brierley, former host of the popular podcast and radio show, “Unbelievable” and “Ask NT Wright Anything.” Today’s discussion centers around the fascinating topic of the New Atheist movement and the emergent church movement. We’ll explore the concept of deconstruction, where individuals in the speaker’s generation felt a need to critically examine their faith. Some found a way to reconstruct and return to their Christian roots, while others ventured onto different paths or transformed their beliefs altogether.

Also discussed is the secularization of our culture and the rise of a more postmodern approach to reality. We’ll delve into the disconnect between the modern worldview and its Christian heritage, shedding light on how beliefs in justice, morality, equality, and freedom are often deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, whether people realize it or not.

Justin shares fascinating anecdotes, surprising revelations, and the exploration of influential figures like Jordan Peterson, whose impact cannot be ignored in the conversation of faith, politics, and Christianity. We also delve deep into the complexities of modern faith, the cultural shifts that shape our beliefs, and the unexpected intersections of philosophy, reason, and religion.

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