Ep 334: A New Jeffersonian Revolution, with Max Borders

Summary – A New Jeffersonian Revolution, with Max Borders

On this episode of Doug Stuart, returning guest Max Borders delves into the intricacies of the debate between top-down imposed structures and peaceful jurisdictional movement. We also explore the notion that libertarianism imposes on others’ lifestyles, prompting the host to seek input from the audience on similar experiences.

Max Borders emphasizes the importance of innovation, entrepreneurship, and community in creating a better future.

The conversation then discusses Max’s new book, Underthrow, and how it relates to loving, serving, and uplifting others rather than tearing down existing systems.

Finally we explore the concept of consent-based order and a system that allows individuals to live according to their beliefs while fostering ecumenical dialogue on human liberty.

Join us as we journey into this insightful discussion with Max Borders on a new Jeffersonian revolution.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00    Introduction

03:58    Who is this book for?

08:22    Federalism: do we need a super structure?

14:14    When is it worth debating hypotheticals?

18:55    “Don’t mess with our roots”

23:47    What is America’s heritage?

27:52    Can libertarianism be imposed on others?

34:15    Achieving a Jeffersonian consent-based order

39:17    Theology of consent

42:12    Buyers guide


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