A Vision for a Libertarian Future, with Jack Lloyd

Ep 331: A Vision for a Libertarian Future, with Jack Lloyd

Summary – A Vision for a Libertarian Future, with Jack Lloyd

In this episode, Doug Stuart welcomes Jack Lloyd onto the show to talk about his recent book “A Vision for a Libertarian Future.” Drawing from his book, Jack provides an outline for how a libertarian voluntaryist society might operate.

Before diving into the details of specific policy choices, Doug and Jack speak to the role of incrementalism. Despite its controversial status in libertarian circles, incrementalism, according to Jack, is necessary to ensure a stable and realistic transition towards a libertarian future.

Given this, Doug and Jack dedicate a great deal of time discussing how incrementalism applies to specific political topics, such as taxation, federal asset holdings, national parks, prisons, and borders. As Jack explains, each of these issues can be addressed incrementally by emphasizing the importance of voluntarism—when choices are voluntary, the government becomes more accountable to the people.

Whether you’re already on board with libertarianism or if you think it’s too unrealistic, this episode will have you walking away with a lot to think about.

Jack Lloyd is a multimedia content producer for liberty. His work spans both fiction and nonfiction with educational videos, music, music videos, skits, a comic book series, and his nonfiction books. His ongoing production projects include Voluntaryist – The Comic Series, The Pholosopher, The Honest Teacher, and Red Flag Reality. Before he became a producer full time, he worked as a criminal defense lawyer, government school teacher, and tutoring company owner. He brings his insights from those roles to help people understand the importance of human freedom. Check the “additional resources” section for more information about Jack.

Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:50 What’s Jack’s book about?
03:15 Why incrementalism?
04:11 Jack’s major influences
05:28 Research surprises
07:27 How have views on taxes shifted over time?
10:38 What is the role of entrepreneurship?
12:41 Jack’s vision for taxation
15:44 Wouldn’t people lose their jobs?
17:15 Privatizing federal asset holdings
20:00 What about Yosemite?!?
22:49 Jack’s vision for justice
26:28 Private prisons
30:51 Jack’s vision for borders (and citizenship)
38:40 How do we get there?


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