Faith & Firearms Debate: Can Christians Own Guns?

Ep 328: Faith & Firearms Debate: Can Christians Own Guns? with Dick Clark and Jerry Robinson

Summary – Faith & Firearms Debate: Can Christians Own Guns? with Dick Clark and Jerry Robinson

Should Christians use guns against other humans? Faith Seeking Freedom co-author Dick Clark thinks it’s possible, but others, like Jerry Robinson of True Riches Radio, aren’t so sure. In this special episode of the Libertarian Christian Podcast, these two guests explore the scriptural basis for self-defense, the limits of defensive measures, and how to approach the use of guns from a Christian perspective.

This debate was performed live on YouTube and was moderated by host Doug Stuart, Dick and Jerry examine the implications of Jesus’ teachings on peace, love, and non-violence in relation to the use of firearms. They explore the concept of ‘an eye for an eye’ and how Jesus challenges this law of retaliation, emphasizing the importance of mercy and compassion. As they navigate the complexities of the topic, they consider the practical implications of owning and using weapons for self-defense, reflecting on the tension between Mosaic law and the law of Christ. By the end of the episode, the discussion turns to alternative methods of self-defense for Christians who may feel conflicted about the use of firearms. Tune in to this engaging debate as Dick and Jerry explore these challenging questions and seek to understand the role of guns in the Christian faith.

Dick Clark is a committee legal counsel for the Nebraska Legislature and an attorney in private practice specializing in firearms law. He holds a B.A. in English with minor studies in philosophy from Auburn University. After taking the role of policy advisor to Governor Dave Heineman, Dick later worked at the Platte Institute in Omaha and at the Institute for Economic Inquiry at Creighton University. He is the author of several books, including Fighting Back (2010), On The Ticket (2010), Faith Seeking Freedom (2020, with Norman Horn, Kerry Baldwin, and Doug Stuart), and Nebraska Gun Law: Armed and Educated (forthcoming).

Jerry Robinson is the founder and executive director of the True Riches Academy and host of True Riches Radio, a podcast dedicated to challenging believers to think and thinkers to believe. Through the True Riches ministries, Jerry and his team seek to “educate, equip, and empower” followers of Christ through the creation and distribution of educational materials in a variety of formats including: podcasts, video teachings, and e-books. Since 2002, Robinson has served in both pastoral and lay leadership in the local church, has taught and lectured in a variety of Bible colleges, universities, and churches, and has preached and lectured around the world, including Europe and the East. He holds a degree in Economics from the University of Tulsa.

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Main Points of Discussion

0:00:00 Introduction
0:02:19 Debate format explained
0:03:50 Question #1: What are Dick and Jerry’s Biblically-backed theses?
0:04:04 Dick: Psalm 82:3,  Exodus 22:2, Matthew 26:52
0:08:10 Jerry: sources: Isaiah 53:9, Hebrews 13.8, Matthew 5-7, Romans 12:19, John 18:36, Ephesians 6, Revelation 21-22
0:21:05 Question #2: Is self-defense Biblical?
0:21:20 Jerry: Jesus’s commandments > our life
0:26:39 Dick: Difference between defense, retribution, & warfare
0:41:01 Question #3: What are the limits of defense?
0:41:23 Dick’s answer: Proportionality
0:45:54 Jerry’s answer: WWJD?
1:02:11 Question #4: What’s the proper Christian posture toward threats?
1:02:48 Jerry: Treat them as lovingly & mercifully as if they were your spouse
1:05:54 Dick: The instinct to protect is good but can be perverted
1:09:42 Question #5: Is embracing “gun culture” living by the sword?
1:09:59 Dick: Responsible vs irresponsible gun ownership
1:14:50 Jerry: Idolatry & the temptations of Satan
1:30:52 Question #6: Should Christians support gun control?
1:31:26 Dick: No, the state is the servant of the evil one
1:34:11 Jerry: No, but the Church needs to speak up
1:38:50 Question #6: What’s the strongest point your opponent made tonight?
1:39:12 Jerry: Responsibility to protect
1:43:47 Dick: Commitment to principles & weaker brother argument
1:47:07 Questions for each other
1:47:53 Jerry’s question: If Jesus kept God’s law perfectly through nonviolence, how can we keep it through violence?
1:55:50 Dick’s question: What is the practical result in the local church?
2:03:04 Audience question: What can a defenseless woman do to protect herself?
2:05:34 What about martial arts? Or pepper spray?
2:15:26 What level of non-lethal force is okay?
2:25:07 Wrap-up


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