Ep 319: The Tuttle Twins Guide to Modern Villains, with Connor Boyack

Summary – The Tuttle Twins Guide to Modern Villains, with Connor Boyack

In this episode, author Connor Boyack joins Doug Stuart to discuss the latest edition in the well-known Tuttle Twins book line. “The Tuttle Twins Guide to Modern Villains” highlights the nastiest villains throughout recent history, with notable figures including Adolf Hitler, Karl Marx, and Woodrow Wilson. If you’re interested in knowing why Connor chose the villains he did or if you just want to know more about the background and writing process of the Tuttle Twins series, this is the episode for you!

Connor Boyack is the founder of the Libertas Institute and has authored nearly 40 books, including the Tuttle Twins series, which has sold over 4.5 million copies. Connor graduated from Brigham Young University and has since been named one of Utah’s most politically influential people by The Salt Lake Tribune.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Evolution of Tuttle Twins in the Liberty Movement
04:12 Collaboration Process
06:18 Chat GPT and its impact on education
09:10 What is the value of the “just in case” education model?
11:11 What are “modern villains?”
16:31 Timeline of villainy
18:04 Criteria for choosing which villains to address
22:03 Lessons in the research process
26:02 Identifying character flaws: valuable or ad hominem?
29:00 Villains and religion
31:04 Christians for Liberty Network plug
31:38 Gender disparity within Villainhood
33:30 Do villains have any redeeming qualities?
36:15 Lightning round with Boyack


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