Ep 27: Thinking Really Big, with Juan Acosta

Summary – Thinking Really Big, with Juan Acosta

Faith Ventures welcomes tech entrepreneur Juan Acosta. We dive into his inspiring journey integrating faith and business, and how this philosophy has shaped his entrepreneurial endeavors. Juan shares his personal story of immigration, early entrepreneurship endeavors, and educational exploration, all while coming to grips with deeper faith during struggles. We hear about Juan’s challenging yet transformative path, from dropping out of college to become the main breadwinner for his family, to working with Silicon Valley giants and fostering over 700 entrepreneurs, to founding his own companies. Juan talks about his innovative project, Tabella – a church app aimed to strengthen community ties and bring church values into the digital age. He also touches on his mission to bring the world closer to the sacraments and his launch of the Catholic Angel Network, supporting Catholic entrepreneurs. Juan’s story is a testament to the powerful blend of faith and work, and his efforts to create clean, technology-driven spaces for nurturing faith are poised to revolutionize how the church interacts with the digital world.



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