Ep 18: Thriving in Business, Embracing God’s Timing, and Emotional Toughness, with Mark Odland

Summary – Thriving in Business, Embracing God’s Timing, and Emotional Toughness, with Mark Odland

Faith Ventures welcomes Mark Odland, founder of Lion Counseling and author of “Taming the Tiger.” Starting with Mark’s career journey, we discuss his move from art to counseling in the context of the crucial topic of mental health awareness. We talk about how Christians often misunderstand and resist opportunities where counseling and therapy can help. Mark shares insights about the importance of seeking therapy, dispelling misconceptions, and encouraging a more open dialogue about mental and emotional well-being. The conversation also delves into the balance of faith, personal growth, and the journey of entrepreneurship, offering valuable perspectives for those navigating the challenges of both personal and professional development. Join us as we explore the significance of faith, patience, and personal preparedness in pursuing a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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