Ep 135: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbors with Caleb Campbell

Ep 135: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbors with Caleb Campbell

In this episode, I talk with Caleb Campbell, pastor of Desert Springs Bible Church in Phoenix, Arizona, about his brand-new book ‘Disarming Leviathan: Loving Your Christian Nationalist Neighbor’, out now on IVP. In this book he argues that we should view Christian nationalism as a missionary opportunity, seeking to lovingly lead Christian nationalists back to Jesus. He discusses his experiences with TPUSA, why Christian nationalism has become so popular, the characteristics of the average Christian nationalists, and how to prepare our hearts to lovingly engage with them. As an added bonus, I ask him about the threat of progressive Christianity and conspiracy theories.

Additional Resources

  • Disarming Leviathan: https://a.co/d/6vgKv9U
  • Caleb Campbell Twitter: @calebphx
  • Disarming Leviathan Website: DisarmingLeviathan.com
  • Disarming Leviathan Twitter: @DisarmingL

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