Ep 116: Public Schools are Designed to Indoctrinate Students

Ep 116: Public Schools are Designed to Indoctrinate Students

In this episode, I explore a recent Mises Wire article written by Karl Streitel entitled Government Schools are Propaganda Machines, in which he argues that homeschool students are less subject to indoctrination than their public school counterparts. I discuss my own experience as a public school teacher and explain how these schools are not designed to give students the critical thinking skills they need to succeed in a dynamic economy and the institutional failures that have created this problem. I then read and comment on Streitel’s excellent article, supplementing his argument with my own personal anecdotes and experiences. If you want to understand why our schools are failing from the perspective of an insider, this episode is for you. Also, it should go without saying that all of the views presented in this episode are my own and do not necessarily reflect the perspective of my school or school district. 

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