Ep 257: Entertaining Children with Solid Values, with Daniel Harmon

In today’s episode we talk to advertising guru and creator of the Tuttle Twins television show, Daniel Harmon. Daniel is one of the founders of the Harmon Brothers ad agency, which has been the brains behind multiple viral ad campaigns; such as the Squatty Potty, Poo-Pourri, Purple beds, and many more. We discuss how Daniel Harmon found his love for freedom as a child in a small community in Idaho, why the Harmon Brothers saw the Tuttle Twins book collection as a great platform to show children the importance of liberty, how the show/books are not “indoctrination,” and the creation process for the television series – including their groundbreaking crowd-funding that allows them to make the show.

It is natural for parents to pass on their values to their children, and liberty-loving parents are no different. The Tuttle Twins – both book and television series – can be a great tool for those families who are seeking to give their children a perspective beyond the two-party answers to today’s controversies and issues. Both series dive into topics of coercion, consent, law, authority, rights, sound economics, and more; which are crucial topics in today’s culture that is saturated with anti-liberty thought. But this is not to say that the shows are only for educational purposes. Daniel explains how his team created a series that allows children to interact with liberty-minded thought, as well as a show that is entertaining, thoughtful, family-friendly, and can compete with other popular children’s cartoons.
Could Tuttle Twins destroy communism one episode at a time? Tell your friends about this show, and help spread liberty to our next generation!

Show Notes

  • Next time you’re looking for something to watch with your entire family give Tuttle Twins a watch!
  • As Daniel mentioned, if you have seen the show, you have to read the books as well!
  • Wanting to create a stellar advertisement experience for your consumers? The Harmon Brothers ad agency are your guys!


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