Does the Bible Support the Concept of a National Morality?

Does the Bible Support the Concept of a National Morality?

In this episode, Jacob delves into the intersection of Christian theology and government actions. Through exploring the writings of influential Christian figures, distinctions between ecclesiastical and secular authority, and discussions on just war theory, social contract theory, and the idea of 2 kingdoms theology, Jacob challenges the notion of “national morality.” He argues for the universal application of God’s moral law, rejecting moral dualism and advocating for Christians to hold governments accountable using scripture and biblical principles.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
04:10 Debate over different moral standards for individuals and nations.
10:32 Exploring just war theory and self-defense in moral context, including Christian figures and social contract theory.
13:44 Implicit competition of moral rules in society, influenced by state and education.
16:46 Commentary on Two-Kingdoms Theology
21:50 The need for clear universal morality to be able to pray for and hold leaders accountable
33:54 OT points to our need for a savior, and the failures of state and warcraft
36:41 Christ is the supreme authority over all mankind and human institutions
41:18 Recognizing that all state action is individual action, & universality of God’s moral decrees for individuals


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