Dismantling Collectivism – Why YOU are the Power, with Spike Cohen

In this episode, we are again going to hear an interview I did at the 2023 Freedom Fest LCI booth – this time with Spike Cohen. Spike is the founder of “You Are the Power,” a non-partisan non-profit organization with the goal to “empower people to work together to set our communities free, take the power away from government, and put it back in your hands, where it belongs.” Spike sat down with me to have a conversation about Nationalism. LCI was at Freedom Fest to discuss Nationalism and Christian Nationalism, and I wanted to get Spike’s perspective on these topics. Spike believes that nationalism can be a useful tool in pushing decentralization and pushing back against encroaching globalism and more centralization. Nationalism can become harmful, however, when it prioritizes the good of the collective over the good and rights of the individual, and when that happens, it becomes not only a threat to human flourishing, but a force that is in opposition to what God teaches us through Scripture. Listen in to hear Spike and I dive deeper into these topics and explain why the best people to count on for your freedoms and rights are never those with State authority.


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