Christianity in the Libertarian Party, with Angela McArdle

Ep 327: Christianity in the Libertarian Party, with Angela McArdle

Summary – Christianity in the Libertarian Party, with Angela McArdle

As both a devout Christian and Chair of the National Libertarian Party, Angela McArdle perfectly embodies the values of the Libertarian Christian Institute, existing at the intersection of Faith and politics. In this episode, Doug Stuart welcomes Angela as she walks us through her political and theological journey.

Growing up in a Christian Missionary Alliance church, Angela shares how her upbringing not only shaped her spiritual beliefs but also her understanding of government and the state. Throughout her life, this Christian libertarian understanding persisted throughout Angela’s life, informing her decisions as a litigator and as a political candidate. Today, they continue to inform her decisions in the Libertarian Party, which, as Angela explains, hasn’t always been so welcoming to Christians.

Following their discussion on Christianity in the LP, Doug and Angela move on to cover a range of topics, including Christian nationalism, the claim that “Jesus wasn’t political,” and the remnant from the book of Isaiah and its implications for modern Christians. Whether you’re interested in any of these topics or just want more insight into the current state of the Libertarian Party, this episode is for you.


Main Points of Discussion

00:00 Introduction
02:26 Angela’s libertarian youth
04:58 Church missions and government
07:58 Angela’s journey from apologetics to partisan politics
13:42 The Libertarian Party & Christianity
20:04 Sharing the Gospel
23:22 Was Jesus political?
26:38 Angela’s response to Christian nationalism
28:47 What is the remnant?
30:45 Lightning round: Secession, single-issue voting, Joe Exotic, & the LP Twitter account.


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