Uniting Atheists and Christians

Breaking Barriers: Uniting Atheists and Christians through Libertarian Activism w/AFL President Thomas Sheedy

Summary – Breaking Barriers: Uniting Atheists and Christians through Libertarian Activism w/ AFL President Thomas Sheedy

In this episode, we are again airing an interview I did at the 2023 Freedom Fest convention. This interview was with Atheists for Liberty President Thomas Sheedy. He and I had never spoken before but were both excited to sit down and talk, to explore what we had in common, and to explore where we disagreed as well. We found that many of the criticisms we had about each other’s worldview were at least understood or partially shared by the other, and we explored the potential ways – as individuals and also on an organizational level – that we might be able to work together to use our different worldviews as an advantage to advancing libertarian principles into the public arena. We walked away optimistic about the potential for libertarianism to be an uniting force that helps promote peace between all groups of people, including the religious and non-religious.


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