Balancing Faith and Politics

Ep 336: Balancing Faith and Politics: Understanding Libertarianism from a Christian Perspective

Summary – Balancing Faith and Politics: Understanding Libertarianism from a Christian Perspective

Doug Stuart joins host Jacob Winograd on the LPMC-PA Podcast to talk about what LCI is up to, including their new book by Art Carden, Strangers with Candy: Observations from the Ordinary Business of Life. Carden’s book is a collection of essays offering a unique economist’s perspective on various topics such as scarcity, choice, and people’s response to incentives. Discover why this book is more than just a textbook and is suitable for readers at a high school level or higher.

The conversation explores Doug’s beliefs about allegiance, non-violence, and serving others in the way of Christ Jesus. He shares how Christians should be libertarians because the core message of Christianity is that Jesus is king and no other human should control someone’s life. This is why libertarianism is seen as the most consistent expression of Christian political thought.

Finally, Doug discusses the importance of presenting libertarianism in a way that is compatible with the Christian faith and to demonstrate to non-Christian libertarians the importance of reaching Christians with the message of liberty.

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