Ep 5: The Authority of Scripture and the Creeds of the Early Church

Summary – The Authority of Scripture and the Creeds of the Early Church

In week one of a two-part series, we look at creeds that have defined the Christian church and examine some of the issues of thinking about the Bible through the lens of the creeds. We explore how the creeds are not just the product of theological debate within the early church but are also driven by political forces within the Roman Empire.

Episode Outline:

I. Are creeds compatible with Biblical authority?
II. The creeds that defined the church
III. The problem with the creeds

Next week: We will look at various political creeds and the way in which libertarianism offers both an empirical corrective to those creeds and actually solves social problems that are raised by them.

Media Referenced:

  • Magnus Zetterholm, Approaches to Paul 
  • Gerald McDermott, The Great Theologians
  • Raymond Brown, An Introduction to New Testament
  • James Dunn, Did the First Christians Worship Jesus
  •  Bart Ehrman, When Jesus Became God

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