An Eastern Orthodox and a Reformed Baptist Explore Living For the Kingdom of God

Summary – An Eastern Orthodox and a Reformed Baptist Explore Living For the Kingdom of God

We’re thrilled to bring you the riveting first episode of our LCI Green Room series — a space where unscripted dialogues thrive and profound insights unfold. Host Jacob sits down with the multifaceted Matt Erikson, host of the Kingpilled podcast, inviting you to a conversation that promises to stretch the fabric of your thoughts and perhaps, even your reality.

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Episode Highlights

Matt Erikson brings to the table a narrative unlike any other, navigating through the significance of traditions, individualism’s influence on society, and the deep ties between our behaviors and the essence of reality itself. Tradition is not just discussed as pastime customs, but as the DNA of societal stability and health.
This episode isn’t just a dialogue; it’s a journey. Matt shares his transformation from libertarian to Eastern Orthodox Christian and delves into the dynamics of embracing a life fueled by Christ’s lordship over all aspects of existence.
Thought-Provoking Discussions Include:
  • The erosion of adaptive behaviors by liberalism
  • The relational nature of personhood against the backdrop of individualism
  • Matt’s critique of libertarianism’s practical application in engineering society
  • Exploring the repeated cycle of biblical patterns involving Pharaoh, Abraham, Israel, and Christ
  • The significance of the family unit and hierarchy within Christian values
  • The implications of ‘Christ is Lord and Caesar is not’ in our current societal structure
Matt’s Must-Read Recommendations:
  • Dominion by Tom Holland
  • The insightful “Lord of Spirits” podcast
  • Writings of the apostolic fathers, such as St. Clement of Rome, St. Ignatius of Antioch, and St. Polycarp
If you’ve ever pondered the intricate dance between the practices of old and the modern ideological landscape, or how deep the roots of Christianity affect our contemporary worldviews, this is an episode you can’t afford to miss!

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