Ep 300: Special: The Christians for Liberty Network

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Summary – Special: The Christians for Liberty Network

We’re celebrating the 300th episode of the Libertarian Christian Podcast! This episode was streamed live on Friday, November 11th, 2022. To commemorate this milestone, we announced a big new project: The Christians for Liberty Network (CFLN). This is a network of podcasts that share our mission of educating people about the intersection of faith and politics.

Joining CFLN are Mike Maharrey of the Godarchy podcast, Jacob Winograd of the Biblical Anarchy (Daniel 3) podcast, and we’ve also launched a brand new podcast called the Reformed Libertarians podcast, with Kerry Baldwin and her co-host, Gregory Baus, who is new to LCI. In addition, LCI has re-launched Good News, Bad News, with Matthew Bellis, and the Faith Seeking Freedom podcast.

We had a lot of fun with this announcement, as we also invited Doc Dixon back on as our special guest. And all the hosts took some friendly jabs at Doug Stuart, the host of our flagship show. Lots of roasting and good times were had, so enjoy the fun now if you didn’t catch the livestream!

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