Ep 265: Thriving in an Agorist Community, with Joshua Longbrook

Ep 265

We welcomed a previous guest back on to our podcast, Joshua Longbrook from Our Foundations, to catch up since we last spoke before the pandemic, how he began an agorist group in reaction to COVID-19, living out the principles of libertarianism, as well as what it means to be self-reliant within a community.

Joshua both encourages and challenges libertarians to live out their beliefs, rather than getting stuck in the intellectualism or ideology. We can practice what we believe as lovers of freedom within the constructs of the state while respecting our duties as believers. Agorism is an economic framework that disagrees with the state-regulated market and reacts to it by establishing a voluntary counter-economy to slowly starve out the state in a peaceful manner.

The Bible commands us to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s; however, if we do not enjoy the benefits of the state do we owe Caesar anything at all? Parallel societies could begin to fill the needs of the people with systems such as mutual aid – much like the early Church. In a way, the state has become a secular religion for many Christians. One way we can slowly break that unhealthy bond is by caring for our communities privately. The more communities begin to break away from the state and rely upon themselves, the less viable the state becomes.

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