Ep 264: Dad Saves America, with John Papola

Ep 264
We were joined by filmmaker, entrepreneur, creator of the Hayek rap battles, and co-founder/CEO of Emergent Order, John Papola. He shared how the core motivation behind his work has been his family, and what it means to be a father in a country that leads the world in fatherlessness; which led to Dad Saves America – the topic of today’s episode.
Men of Christ face a great challenge in America’s current social climate. Phrases such as “toxic masculinity” are prevalent, and have begun to alter the ways in which society views gender. How are fathers supposed to raise up children in these environments? A great deal of masculinity is misunderstood
An important aspect of American life has been lost with the recent changes in society. As a descendant of Italian immigrants, John knows well why America is worth fighting for and loving. The solution is not to put any gender over the other. Sadly, males have entered into turbulent times. So much of culture is being defined by feelings, how do we begin to correct the pendulum? John believes that the solution is largely letting our children truly experience life, rather than over-regulating or isolating them.
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