Ep 262: Non-Compliance as a Check Against the State, with KrisAnne Hall

Podcast Graphic - Episode 262

For this week’s podcast we spoke with lawyer and author Dr. KrisAnne Hall of the Liberty First Society. We began our conversation by discussing Liberty First Society’s recently-released documentary Non-Compliant. KrisAnne gives us a peak at the motivations and themes for the film; and how peaceful non-compliance can be an extremely powerful tool for societal change. It does not require a majority to shift history for the better, and defend our liberties.

Sadly, we tend to like our comforts and securities the state tends to provide; however, the evil we know only continues to grow over time. Therefore, we should stand up to evil, even if it means losing securities; and it does not take a strong man to defy tyranny in a peaceful manner, this is attainable for any individual. Usually, once one person has stood up to oppression people around them begin to support their cause.

KrisAnne says one key to non-compliance is the knowledge of the American Constitution, and what it guarantees for us as a “compact” – an agreement between the states of the United States of America that created the Constitution and federal government. Due to this fact, the states created the federal government, therefore they should be held accountable to the states. This conversation even brought up our fight in 2010-2011 against the TSA in the state of Texas, and how they reacted to opposition.
Part of committing to non-compliance is realizing that the State, though loosely designed after the authority structure of God in relation to His Creation, is the Antichrist system where Man seeks security in the state over God.
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