Ep 40: Christianity and Liberty in Silicon Valley with Aaron Ginn

Podcast Graphic - Episode 40

No matter where we are in the world, Silicon Valley plays a big role in most of our lives. Much of the technology that we have come to rely on for daily use is either designed in, managed from, or otherwise largely affected by the engineers, developers, programmers and executives who live in the Bay Area. Over the years — and especially within the last two or three — Silicon Valley has been increasingly in the spotlight for its politics, particularly how the political agendas of its influencers and executives affect the rest of us.

In this episode, we are joined by Silicon Valley insider and LCI advisory board member Aaron Ginn. Aaron helps us sort fact from fiction in how we think about the politics of Silicon Valley, and to understand what it all means for freedom of speech and other key principles of liberty. We also discuss futurism in a Christian context, and how we should look at technology as a tool given to us by God in order to love our neighbors and advance the Lord’s kingdom.

Show Notes

The Lincoln Network (Aaron’s organization)
Aaron’s Twitter account
Autopilot: “Aaron Ginn is Growth Hacking Silicon Valley and Washington DC”
CNN: “Divided We Code”
The Guardian: “Meet the Rightwing Power Players Lurking Beneath Silicon Valley’s Liberal Facade”
The Weekly Standard: “How Conservatives Survive in Silicon Valley”

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