Ep 26: Biblical Foundations of Christian Libertarianism (CFL Annotated Talk #2)

Podcast Graphic - Episode 26

As part of our summer lineup, we’re revisiting several of the most popular and informative talks given at Christians for Liberty conferences in previous years. Though instead of just reposting those talks, we’ve filled them with some extensive supplemental commentary, so even listeners who have heard the original talks with get all new material.

This week, we review Norman’s talk in which he walks us through some of the foundational biblical arguments for Christian libertarianism, interspersed with commentary and discussion on everything from the practical elements of civil disobedience to intellectual property law. You should feel free to copy and redistribute this podcast; just don’t
try to use Acts 4 to say you’re doing it because of socialist ‘redistribution’ (we cover that topic, too)!

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