Ep 7: Spiritual Warfare

Podcast Graphic - Episode 7

As Christians, we understand that the evils we see in the world are really just manifestations of the deeper spiritual struggle between the Kingdom of God and the the kingdom of darkness. As libertarians, we also know that in the aggregate, nobody causes more evil and mayhem in the world than does the state. But where our perspective may differ from non-Christian libertarians is that we understand the deepest cause of state tyranny to be the disease that plagues us all: sin. The state may be the most widespread and destructive institutionalization of sin in history, but it still emanates from the same root problem that results in people cheating on their spouses, burgling a home, lying to their friend or hating a neighbor. Join us as we discuss how as Christian libertarians we must understand the nature and significance of the battle we’re really in, and how Christ is the only ultimate solution. Thankfully, we don’t need to worry about if Christ will win an election conducted on electronic voting machines in order to be sure that the true King’s victory is assured.


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