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The Idolatry of Statism

This guest post is by LCC reader Paul Maitrejean.

Many Christians today are quick to leap to the defense of the current American regime. They will go to any length to defend its actions, particularly in the case of foreign policy and “culture” wars. On both sides of the aisle, Christians will throw their support behind virtually any politician of their particular political leaning regardless of his record, his words, or his current actions. Supporting without question the activities of the American government, particularly in foreign matters, has nearly become an unwritten prerequisite for being a Christian.

Amazingly, these Christians are supporting and swearing allegiance to among the most godless, cruel, greedy, murderous governments in history. When this is pointed out, though, the supporters of the State will cite Scripture in their defense – usually the oft-heard and badly-twisted Romans 13:1 – and they fall upon the dissenter like wolves. Is this the sort of mindset Jesus came among us to promote?

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Dumbing Down the Church

This guest post is by Doug Newman, and was originally published on Strike-The-Root on January 20, 2005. But as you will see, it is a timeless piece…

In 2003, the Barna Research Group released a well publicized study indicating that only about 10 percent of Christian students possessed a biblical worldview.1 I was reminded of this after talking with a friend recently after church.

My friend is not a political person, which probably speaks well of her. However, she seemed perplexed when I calmly implied that it was an outrage that Uncle Sam confiscates half our income before we can buy groceries. She responded that ‘we get a lot of things’ for those taxes we pay.

I heard millions of people speaking. She did not recognize that taxation is theft. She had no clue that things like oppressive taxation, gun control, government education and government welfare have no scriptural basis. I told her that this just may be the first time anyone had ever told her that the Bible has something to say about a limitless array of social and political issues.

If she had never heard this in church before, it would not surprise me one bit.

America’s churches are as ‘dumbed down’ as its schools. In all fairness, several generations of pastors have been lied to about the political themes in the Bible. Our call to be ‘salt and light’ goes beyond loving our neighbors, telling the truth and being faithful to our spouses. It extends to all aspects of life including politics, economics, law, education, medicine and any societal issue you can think of.

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Caesar and God in Context is pleased to welcome Christopher Bevis in our next guest post, originally published on, entitled "Caesar and God in Context." Christopher Bevis is a newly licensed Reader in the Church of England, an avid LRC reader, and a…

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