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Trump: The Scapegoat Supreme

Trump: The Scapegoat Supreme

David Gornoski breaks down the unhinged attempted feeding frenzy by the media and its customers using the lens he has provided for the past two years: Trump's Winner's brand of statism is "turning the lights on" to the state's vulgarity and violence.…

David Gornoski Interviews Jacob Hornberger

David Gornoski Interviews Jacob Hornberger

How should Christians view the current political landscape? What has transpired in the last several decades --- both good and bad --- and how does the gospel offer us hope for a more free and Christ-honoring future? Listen in as David Gornoski…

A Neighbor’s Choice

A Neighbor's Choice

David Gornoski is your neighbor. Besides regularly contributing to LCI, he also gave a fascinating talk at our Christians For Liberty 2016 Conference about mimetic theory, Rene Girard, and understanding how violence permeates our culture. Enjoy this video:

Are You Called To Freedom?

Are you called to freedom?

Should Christians be wary of libertarian ideas? Well, this is the Libertarian Christian Institute after all, so we certainly don't think so, but these two stellar ladies explain why they have put together a new book to make that transition easier. Check…

Libertarians On Fire Hosts Christianity And Libertarianism Discussion

Libertarians On Fire hosts Christianity and libertarianism discussion

The Libertarians on Fire podcast graciously hosted LCI for a discussion about Christianity and libertarianism this past Friday. Our longtime friend Jackson Trigg is a regular co-host on the podcast, and he arranged everything with moderator Rick Rivers for a lively back…

Is The God Of The Bible A Tyrant?

Is the God of the Bible a Tyrant?

Does the Bible reveal a capricious, tyrannical God? Of course not, says Robert Murphy. On the contrary, we encounter God through Christ who demonstrates his steadfast love for us all. Listen in to this talk from the Christians For Liberty 2016 Conference,…

Libertarian Impulses In Early Christianity And Contemporary Theology

Libertarian Impulses in Early Christianity and Contemporary Theology

Does Christian history and theology shun libertarian ideas? Of course not. In fact, Jamin Hubner argues that we can find libertarian impulses even among early Christians. Listen in to this talk from the Christians For Liberty 2016 Conference, and stay tuned for…

LCI on The Contrarian Podcast

Recently I was invited to be on The Contrarian Podcast with Richard Powell to discuss LCI and what we believe as Christian libertarians. We had a great time together and I hope you'll enjoy the show. Click here to listen in. The…

The Jesus And Socialism Debate

The Jesus and Socialism Debate

I was recently informed that Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE), will be on the Up For Debate Radio Program on the Moody Radio Network this Saturday at 11 a.m. CST. The topic: "Would Jesus support capitalism or…

Real Heroes

Check out Lawrence Reed's keynote presentation at the Christians For Liberty 2015 Conference, and hear inspiring stories of courage and character of Christians who fought for liberty and human dignity. Mr. Reed is the President of the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE),…

Christianity, Libertarianism, And The Drug War (Video)

Christianity, Libertarianism, and the Drug War (Video)

Dr. Laurence Vance was our first keynote speaker of the day at the Christians For Liberty 2015 Conference. In his presentation, Dr. Vance speaks about why Christians should categorically oppose the War on Drugs, even if we disapprove of drugs for moral…

Gospel Against Empire

During a breakout session at Christians for Liberty 2015, I talked about what it means to be both Christian and libertarian. If you'd like to read the talk, you can read each part here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. Or, you can…

Do You Love Gov?

Do you Love Gov?

I am really enjoying the Love Gov Youtube series produced by the Independent Institute. Here’s the description and the trailer – check them out! Love Gov portrays the federal government as an overbearing boyfriend — Scott “Gov” Govinsky — who foists his…

Wait Till It’s Free

Wait Till It’s Free

  Last Friday evening, the Christians for Liberty Austin Chapter met to watch Wait Till It’s Free, a documentary produced by Colin Gunn of Indoctrination and Captivated. Running with the catch-phrase from P.J. O’Rourke, “If you think health care is unaffordable now,…

The Intersection Of Faith And Politics

The Intersection of Faith and Politics

It has been a while since we posted a video from the Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference, but that is primarily because my videographer is… well, let’s just say he has taken a great amount of liberty with the deadlines! :-)  Really,…

C.S. Lewis On Mere Liberty And The Evils Of Statism

C.S. Lewis on Mere Liberty and the Evils of Statism

David is the President of both the Independent Institute and the C.S. Lewis Society of California. In this presentation, David speaks of Lewis’s views on the state, morality, and the role of Christians in society.

Reflecting On The Sufferings And Temptations Of Jesus

Reflecting on the Sufferings and Temptations of Jesus

This is a video review of the book "If You Are the Son of God" by Jacques Ellul, French theologian and professor of law. (Published by Wipf and Stock.) Ellul's purpose in this short volume is to reflect upon the sufferings and…

Rep. David Simpson At The Christians For Liberty 2014 Conference

Rep. David Simpson at the Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference

The Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference has come and gone, but now we get to post the videos from the conference for everyone to see. Rep. David Simpson (R-Longview) gave the evening keynote of the conference. For our readers who have never…

Stuck In The Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Talking to Christians about libertarianism can be challenging at times. Doug Stuart says we often feel “stuck in the middle” between liberal and conservative Christians. In this presentation, Doug discusses conversational strategies Christian libertarians can employ to reach out to Christian conservatives and liberals.

The Biblical Foundations Of Christian Libertarianism

The Biblical Foundations of Christian Libertarianism

The Christians for Liberty 2014 Conference has come and gone, but now we get to post the videos from the conference for everyone to see. Now, enjoy my presentation on The Biblical Foundations of Christian Libertarianism, where I give my thoughts on…