I am pleased to announce that LibertarianChristians.com is now a member of the Clear Skies Initiative, sponsored by Muslims4Liberty.org. The Clear Skies Initiative is a broad coalition of individuals and groups set against drone warfare waged by the United States Federal Government.

From the Change.org petition (which I encourage you to sign and share):

“The use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles commonly known as “Drones” has become ubiquitous among military agencies, and increasingly by domestic law enforcement agencies. Unfortunately, the scope of their use is shrouded in secrecy, and the consequences of their use go largely without scrutiny from other branches of government and mainstream media, which allow this practice to go on without accountability or challenge.”

Drones are also responsible for hundreds, if not thousands, of deaths of innocent people in warzones due to indiscriminate weaponry and operators. This terror must be stopped, and I hope you will consider signing the petition as well.

Dr. Norman Horn

Norman founded LibertarianChristians.com and the Libertarian Christian Institute, and currently serves as its President and Editor-in-Chief. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from the Austin Graduate School of Theology. He currently is a Postdoctoral researcher in Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Fehsin

    why are you getting with Muslims? They don’t support Israel like Rand Paul the great Libertarian hero does!

  • Hehehe, icwudt.

  • David

    Good luck and congrats.
    Rand is no libertarian but he’s no neocon either. He’s a constitutionalist. He’s not perfect but I think I’d vote for him.

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