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5 out of 5 Chewbacca’s Agree: Ron Paul is the Man

People send me political cartoons & pictures all the time via email and Facebook, and sometimes I just find great stuff on the ‘net. Here are a few good ones I received/found recently.

Chewbacca finds the freedom movement on Earth… May the Rebel Alliance never die!


Okay, I have no idea what is going on here… Moving on…

Scott sent me this lovely explanatory pie graph of theft in America:


I absolutely adore Pearls Before Swine; I’m pretty certain it is the best widely circulated comic in print right now. However, this comic from last Sunday is missing the point somewhat…


Unfortunately, the author doesn’t quite understand that the only reason these bankers can do these despicable things is because the government enables them to do so. Just check out Tom Wood’s book Meltdown or peruse through the Bailout Reader on and find out why.

Coincidentally, today’s comic is about the economy as well. Funny stuff!


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