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Below is our recommend reading list to start one’s education in Christian theology and libertarian political theory. The views expressed by each author are, of course, their own, and may not represent the views of the Libertarian Christian Institute.

By buying using the links below, a small portion will go to LCI.

Christian Libertarian Books

called to freedom

Called to Freedom

This is one of the best and most accessible books explaining why you can be both a Christian and a libertarian.

Ron Paul Manifesto

Revolution: A Manifesto

An absolutely essential book for all Americans, so give it to ANYBODY who you think will listen.

End the fed

End the Fed

One of the best introductions to why monetary policy is critical to social well-being.


Christian Theology of Public Policy

This book contains the best treatment of Romans 13 that you will find in contemporary theology. You must get this book if you are interested in Biblical interpretation.

on civil govt

On Civil Government

Few people in the 19th century had a radical vision like David Lipscomb. His critique of statism from a Christian standpoint is classic.


Religion and Capitalism: Allies, Not Enemies

Another great book to help back up your defense of the free market from a Christian perspective.


Foundations of Economics
by Shawn Ritenouer

Every Christian ought to understand some economics, and Shawn’s book is a great way to get a thorough understanding. This one is not for the uninitiated.


The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy
by Thomas E. Woods

A vigorous and lively defense of the market economy and a withering attack on all forms of state intervention.


A Libertarian Theology of Freedom
by Edmund Opitz

The Reverend Opitz has long been, and remains, one of the most articulate and deeply thoughtful defenders of a free society.


Christianity and War
by Laurence Vance

War is the health of the state, and the enemy of mankind. Laurence demolishes every “Christian” argument for war you’ll ever hear.

General “Must-Read” Libertarian Books

Bonus Material (for those who want extra challenges!)

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