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We wrote this book to provide succinct and clear answers to the most common questions we are asked as libertarian Christians. But we are not under an illusion that this short book says every- thing that needs to be said. There will always be more questions, and there will always be fresh ways to articulate answers to reach more people. New political circumstances, pandemics, scientific discoveries, and technological advancements often require us to speak differently about timeless truths, and we are prepared to adapt to reach more people.

In other words, this book is just the beginning of an ongoing conversation. We invite you to keep that conversation going by continuing to ask more questions and by inviting more people into it. That’s why we’ve created as a place to share this work with others, ask new questions, and dive into more resources to satisfy your curiosity. We welcome and appreciate all polite and civil responses, whether they are positive, negative, or a mixture of the two.

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