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Christian Worldview

Codependency, Christian Love, and Liberty

This guest post is by Rev. Donald Ehrke. He is a Libertarian, a former GOP campaign manager, and ordained minister …

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President's Blog

Sticking to Your Principles (and other life lessons)

LCC reader Ron emailed me recently about my post: “Should we hold all things in common?” He writes: I share …

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Doug Bandow on Virtue and a Free Society

The Cato Institute’s Doug Bandow, fellow Christian and libertarian, gave an excellent lecture on virtue and the free society back …

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Book Reviews

Responding to Tim Suttle

Author Tim Suttle responded to my review of his book, An Evangelical Social Gospel?, by engaging in the one major …

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The Sinful State

This article is by Lew Rockwell and was originally published in his book Speaking of Liberty. Hardly anyone talks of …

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