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Rand Paul Moneybomb August 19/20 and Interview Announcement

After setting loose a short rant against politicians earlier today… it’s time to mention another politician. Well, at least this …

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Book Reviews

Disciple of Liberty by Jason Rink, Book Review

In the world of literature on liberty, books fall into three distinct categories. First are the books for experts scholars, deeper works that address high level concepts, social or economic theory, and philosophical ideas. Next are the books for the informed reader, those that have a working knowledge of libertarian ideas and seek to improve one’s understanding of the philosophy of liberty. Finally, there are books for those just starting their journey in liberty, those who have little knowledge of economics or libertarian theory. Jason Rink’s Disciple of Liberty falls into the latter category, and it fills a particularly useful void in libertarian literature: an easily accessible explication of liberty to the Christian newcomer.

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Joe Stack and the IRS: A Christian Libertarian Response

On behalf of the libertarian community in Austin, I want to offer our most sincere condolences and prayers for the victims and their families. Our hearts go out to you.

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Why does the Tea Party support Scott Brown?

Scott Brown’s recent Republican victory in the Massachusetts Senate race has been headlining news all over the nation the past …

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