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The Sin of Certainty

Learning more about our faith surely is a great thing, but can there be a negative on the flip side? Could the over-elevation of certainty be considered a sin?

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Should Adultery and Fornication be Criminal Offenses?

Like most Islamic states, some states in America use criminal penalties to police the morality of their citizens. A recent …

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Tearing Out Your Eye and Quitting Your Job

In this guest post LCC welcomes Matthew Gilliland, libertarian writer and speaker. He holds a J.D. from North Carolina Central …

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The Sinful State

This article is by Lew Rockwell and was originally published in his book Speaking of Liberty. Hardly anyone talks of …

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Christian Worldview

Sinful Behavior, Government Force, and the Church

A post I wrote about two years ago for the Western Standard: —- My wife and I were visiting a …

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How can we have such a skewed perspective on sin?

It’s one thing to consider homosexuality a sin, it is entirely another to consider outlawing the practice of homosexuality. Homosexual individuals have just as much a right to behave in non-coercive ways as heterosexuals. And why? Because they are human beings.

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