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Christian Worldview

Should we dox her? How Jesus handled the outrage mob

Outrage culture is not new. It wasn’t born with the invention of Twitter. It’s been around as long as human …

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Transcending Identity Politics

We sometimes hear conversations which contain claims like, “Jews are so sneaky,” or “Christians are so intolerant,” or “Asians are …

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The Slave and the Aristocrat

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his book, The Antichrist: “Christianity has taken the side of everything weak, base, ill-constituted, it has …

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The Stone Table

C.S. Lewis had some interesting things to say about humanity in his children’s fantasy series The Chronicles of Narnia, and …

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Reflections on the Gulag Archipelago

Life is filled with suffering, and suffering is magnified and multiplied by the endless stream of malevolence. I am discovering …

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