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Is There a Libertarian Position on Same-Sex Marriage?

The subjects of abortion and same-sex marriage are not just points of contention between liberals and conservatives and Democrats and …

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Libertarians mourn death of David Nolan

The following comes directly from the Libertarian Party. I had the great honor of meeting David in the past year …

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Post Event Recap of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance

On February 27, the city of Austin was visited by the Libertarian National Committee and other LP leaders from around the nation for the 2010 Libertarian State Leadership Alliance.

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Why being a candidate can be beneficial for liberty

Though I think it is misguided to believe that electoral politics is the primary means of effecting change for the …

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Top 10 Disasters of the Obama Administration in 2009

Executive Director of the Libertarian Party Wes Benedict put together a retrospective of the executive administration this past year. Any …

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Interview with the Libertarian Party of Texas

This past Monday evening, I had the opportunity to interview Pat Dixon and Robert Butler, the State Chair and Executive …

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