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Self-Ownership in Traditional Judaism

This guest post was written by Alan Krinsky. In the fifth chapter of the second book of his Two Treatises …

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Josephus on the Origin of the State

In The Antiquities, Josephus mentions that the first human government was built by Nimrod, the mighty hunter from the book of Genesis. This appears to be consistent with Genesis; no other organized government (unless you count a “clan”) is mentioned before his. Genesis is, first and foremost, a book of origins, and thus this original human government can arguably be taken as archetypal.

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The Abrahamic Legacy: The Jewish Ideal of Freedom

A thought-provoking article about historical Judaism being connected to liberty appeared on LewRockwell.com yesterday, and I think it is well …

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Podcast: What Is Moral About Economic Freedom

Libertarian Christians could learn something from our Jewish friends if we would pay attention. I had never heard of Rabbi …

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