ISIS, the Crusades, and Religious Violence

With the savage violence being reported daily from the Middle East, and with news of the recent Christian martyrs in Libya, what to do and how to respond has been a hotly debated topic. In most conversations, the only points of debate are how much military power needs to be exerted and how swiftly these powers should act. While this is expected of mainstream political players which are essentially characterized by their use of force, such attitudes are becoming increasingly more common in Christian circles.

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The Frankensteinish Outcome of the Iraq War

America’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 had a Frankensteinish effect. It created a monster.

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Syria: This Is How Domestic Policy Influences Foreign Policy

Legendary foreign correspondent Robert Fisk gave an informed account from the ground on the Syrian (likely non-) gas attack. You …

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War and Peace

Getting to the Root of ISIS and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

A Response to Russell Moore’s “Why Christians Must Speak Out Against Donald Trump’s Muslim Remarks”. The least courageous act in …

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Christian Worldview

Look out for Christian Jihadists

Christian jihadist—now there is an oxymoron for you. This sounds even stranger than constitutional conservative or libertarian Republican. Nevertheless, there …

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Christians in Iraq at risk from ISIS

Under Saddam Hussein, Christians in Iraq were not well-loved but they were tolerated. However, following the military adventurist campaigns of …

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