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Can Christians Be Libertarians?

If a stranger told you he’s an evangelical Christian who believes homosexuality is a sin and that the Holy Bible is the inerrant word of God, which political label would you ascribe to him? Odds are good you’d assume he’s a conservative, because, well, those seem like the calling cards of a right-winger…

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What does it mean to be an effective local activist?

As I’ve aged, I’ve found myself transformed from scientist to engineer, from artist to performer, from philosopher to pragmatist. It’s a pretty typical pattern. Be it accident or serendipity, this journey has coincided with a sudden interest in politics. My middle aged pragmatism has paid off, personally, in this new hobby. I’ve definitely discovered that, at least in the political realm, experience is, for me, the best teacher I can find.

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The Pandemic Bites

Libertarian Christian Answers to Questions about the Pandemic

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