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Book Reviews

Does Religion Cause Violence? (Book Review)

There is no shortage of new books on the relationship between religion/theology and violence. Does Religion Cause Violence? is the second from …

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The Slave and the Aristocrat

Friedrich Nietzsche wrote in his book, The Antichrist: “Christianity has taken the side of everything weak, base, ill-constituted, it has …

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Was Jesus a Socialist?

Was Jesus a socialist? Was he revolting against wealth and money itself? Or was he actually challenging people who use …

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War and Peace

The Tragedy of the Seven Samurai

All artistic masterpieces have something in common, according to René Girard. Akira Kurosawa’s movie Seven Samurai, better known to western …

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David Gornoski Interviews Jason Jones on Catholic Social Teaching

Friend of the Libertarian Christian Institute David Gornoski recently interviewed Jason Jones — a Catholic activist and human rights worker …

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